For The Love Of Books 5K Run


Week 1 Training

December 14th

This is Week One of training

Below schedule if modified for those in the running group.  Instead of taking the rest day on Monday we will take that rest day on Sunday for the week.
You may continue this pattern for the next two and a half weeks that we are on break or change your rest day to Monday.

 Monday (Sunday):  Rest

Tuesday (Monday):  25 Minutes Slow

Wednesday (Tuesday): Rest

Thursday (Wednesday):  20-30 Minutes Slow

Friday (Thursday):  rest

Saturday (Friday): 20- 25 Minutes Slow

Sunday (Saturday): 30 – 35 Minutes Slow

 A slow pace is one in which you can run/jog for the entire time.  If you have to walk, it would be very little. 

All of the local community, schools, students, faculty, staff                                                
What:5K race or 1 mile Fun Walk
Where:Gadsden Middle School
When:Saturday, February  6, 2010
Why:To benefit the GMS Library and support library programs.
FORMS:Race Registration Form
5K Donation Form
Student Sponsorship Form
Directions to Gadsden Middle School

Are you interested in being a RACE SPONSOR?  Please email  Patricia Swanson or Erika Hernandez.

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