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Students MUST adhere to GMS Dress Code at all times!

Shirts: plain black or white polo - SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED IN AT ALL TIMES!
Pants: plain denim jeans, no more than 5 pockets, no bigger than one size
Shoes: The shoe color must be black or white.  Shoe laces must be the same color as the shoe.
Skirts: Solid denim blue and can be no higher than two inches above the knee (long skirts permitted -denim solid blue)
Shorts: Denim solid blue jeans (cannot be below the knee), four pockets, and may not be more than one size larger.
Sweater/Jacket: Solid color black or white zipped/buttoned from neck to waist.
Belts: Solid black belt (no excess hanging, 3 inches or more)  Belts are mandatory.

Parents will be contacted if  student is out of dress code.
Students who do not follow dress code will be placed in Academic Discipline Class

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BlackPolo Shirt WhitePolo Shirt Plain Jeans(only 5 pockets)
sneaks shorts belt
Shoes Shorts Belt
skirt jacket sweater
Skirt Jacket Sweater

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